Epic Journey

“The musicianship here is of the virtuoso variety - the complex time signatures of instrumental Beginner´s Luck would give Dream Theater a run for their collective money. Bastian Per is most definitely one to watch in future” - PROG Magazine UK (Issue #100).


“The track Confrontation sounds like a bonus track from `Metropolis - Part 1: The Miracle And The Sleeper`. This is an excellent debut from Bastian Per and I ́m looking forward to album number two already.” - Fireworks Magazine UK (Issue #88).



“The melodic twist they have introduced gives the record that touch of uniqueness. The music on this album is as good as there is out there now in this genre.” - Powerplay Magazine UK (Issue #225).



Available on all your favorite digital streaming services, Bastian Per’s debut album “Epic Journey” brings a new modern sound into play in the progressive rock scene. The album combines the influence of giant Prog bands with a strong AOR vibe that gives a very intriguing turn to the equation.

The album has a very strong AOR vibe that cannot be diminished, listening to the complete 52 minutes in the presented order will give you a sweet taste of the musical journey intended to create, and with it, a whole lot of emotions offering light and shade from some heavy riffing. This raises the question: What are you waiting for to give it a listen?


Mariano Barreiro – vocals

Sebastian Prosperi –guitar

Martin Sokol – bass

Gabriel Kohout – keyboards

Maxi Cataldi – drums

Credits for recording:

Jero Olivera - Rec. Eng.

Lucas Romano - Mix Eng.

Edu Pereyra - Master.

Hope you enjoy the Epic Journey!