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New concept Album "Way Back Home" out now!

After receiving exceptional critical praise by internationally recognized media on their debut, Bastian Per announces the release of their second studio album, which deals with today’s poignant humanitarian issues and self-inflicted harm. The new concept album confronts the listener with philosophical discussions and existential dilemmas without sacrificing a bit of the band’s musical creativity and poetry along the way. The story revolves around leaders who have lost their focus and questions the impact of human actions, planting the seed to awaken a desperate need for change. In the year of the pandemic, Bastian Per felt the urgent need to address a number of ethical issues and seek shelter in the art of composition. In an attempt to show the complexity of what’s at stake, this wake-up call needed to strike the perfect balance between a comprehensive range of rich, intricate sounds and its powerful lyrics. The album features no less than prog legend Derek Sherinian on track ´Greatness Delirium´, performing an outstanding keyboard solo

What is going on in this world

Our leaders are failing to guide the way


We cannot go on

Living this way



After Epic Journey, their first great success, cohesion was an important next step to build upon and all

members of the quintet are now much better integrated into the total project. For a band whose première

had been labeled as “hard to tell it’s a debut”, getting better in only one year’s time meant a huge

challenge. However, "the creative & recording process went as smooth as it can go, and it feels like we

have grown enormously. This time I aimed for more teamwork and a meaningful message to take it up a

notch. A concept album was definitely another way to spice things up and make them more challenging.

Thankfully, all band members contributed their ideas in their own magnificent way. I strongly believe that

this album will reassure our potential as a prog band that is in it for the long haul”, says producer and

guitar player Sebastián Prosperi.


Take your time

A new era has begun










Track Listing on Way Back Home:

1. A Better World (1:06)

2. Overture (5:29)

3. Defeat Device (3:49)

4. The Lonely Shepherd (4:24)

5. Through the Fires (4:33)

6. Seize the Day (4:50)

7. Deadly Virus (5:26)

8. The Mystery Behind (4:41)

9. The Safe Place (4:15)

10. Greatness Delirium (ft. Derek Sherinian) (2:53)

11. Way Back Home (8:33)

12. Divine Device (5:57)






Mariano Barreiro - Vocals

Sebastian Prosperi – Guitars & vocals

Gabriel Kohout – Keyboards

Martin Sokol – Bass

Maximiliano Cataldi – Drums

Studio: Romaphonic (Arg.)

Rec & edit: Jero Olivera

Mix: Edu Pereyra

Master: Daniel Ovie

Producer: Sebastian Prosperi

Co-producer: Gabriel Kohout




“The musicianship here is of the virtuoso variety - the complex time signatures of instrumental Beginner´s Luck would give Dream Theater a run for their collective money. Bastian Per is most definitely one to watch in future”

PROG Magazine UK (Issue #100).

“The melodic twist they have introduced gives the record that touch of uniqueness. The music on this album is as good as there is out there now in this genre.”

Powerplay Magazine UK (Issue #225).



“The track Confrontation sounds like a bonus track from `Metropolis - Part 1: The Miracle And The Sleeper`. This is an excellent debut from Bastian Per and I ́m looking forward to album number two already.”

Fireworks Magazine UK (Issue #88).

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