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Our Journey


Bastian Per is a dynamic and innovative Progressive Rock Band that has captivated audiences worldwide. With their unique blend of mesmerizing melodies, intricate compositions, and powerful performances, Bastian Per has established themselves as an exciting and influential band in the genre. Join us as we take you on a journey through the evolution of Bastian Per.

Bastian Per - Navigating the Depths of Prog Brilliance

Welcome to the sonic universe of Bastian Per, where musical virtuosity meets profound storytelling. Hailing from the vibrant music scene of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Bastian Per is a quintet that has swiftly risen to prominence with their eclectic blend of progressive rock. After garnering international acclaim for their debut, the band now unveils their second studio album, "Way Back Home."

A Sonic Journey Through Humanity's Turmoil

Released on June 12, 2021, and available for digital streaming on all platforms, "Way Back Home" delves into the pressing humanitarian issues of our time. This concept album weaves a narrative around leaders losing their way, challenging listeners with philosophical musings and existential dilemmas. The urgency to address ethical concerns in the year of the pandemic spurred Bastian Per to create a musical masterpiece that strikes the perfect balance between intricate sounds and powerful lyrics.

A Collaborative Triumph Featuring Derek Sherinian

The album features a standout moment with prog legend Derek Sherinian's mesmerizing keyboard solo on the track "Greatness Delirium." This collaboration adds an extra layer of brilliance to an already stellar collection of compositions.

Cohesion, Growth, and Meaningful Messages

Following their debut success, "Epic Journey," the band prioritized cohesion for "Way Back Home." Each member of this quintet, comprising Mariano Barreiro (Vocals), Sebastian Prosperi (Guitars & Vocals), Gabriel Kohout (Keyboards), Martin Sokol (Bass), and Maximiliano Cataldi (Drums), seamlessly integrates into the collective vision. Producer and guitarist Sebastián Prosperi shares, "The creative & recording process went as smooth as it can go, and it feels like we have grown enormously. This time I aimed for more teamwork and a meaningful message to take it up a notch."

A Musical Odyssey: Track Listing on "Way Back Home"

A Better World (1:08)
Overture (5:27)
Defeat Device (4:02)
The Lonely Shepherd (4:22)
Through the Fires (4:36)
Seize the Day (4:49)
Deadly Virus (5:25)
The Mystery Behind (4:38)
The Safe Place (4:13)
Greatness Delirium (ft. Derek Sherinian) (2:52)
Way Back Home (8:42)
Divine Device (5:46)

Critical Acclaim and Future Endeavors

Bastian Per has already left an indelible mark on the prog rock landscape, with reviews from esteemed publications such as PROG Magazine UK and Powerplay Magazine UK. The band's unique melodic twist has set them apart, and the journey has only just begun.

As the physical HQ CDs for both studio albums become available on July 23, 2021, Bastian Per invites you to join them on this musical odyssey. Purchase the HQ digital album on Bandcamp and immerse yourself in the sonic landscapes crafted by these exceptional musicians.

Connect with Bastian Per on their official channels:


Embrace the journey. A new era has begun.

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