Progressive Rock

“The musicianship here is of the virtuoso variety - the complex time signatures of instrumental Beginner´s Luck would give Dream Theater a run for their collective money. Bastian Per is most definitely one to watch in future”

PROG Magazine UK (Issue #100).

“The melodic twist they have introduced gives the record that touch of uniqueness. The music on this album is as good as there is out there now in this genre.”

Powerplay Magazine UK (Issue #225).




“The track Confrontation sounds like a bonus track from `Metropolis - Part 1: The Miracle And The Sleeper`. This is an excellent debut from Bastian Per and I ́m looking forward to album number two already.”

Fireworks Magazine UK (Issue #88).




Available on all your favorite digital streaming services, Bastian Per’s debut album “Epic Journey” brings a new modern sound into play in the progressive rock scene. The album combines the influence of giant Prog bands with a strong AOR vibe that gives a very intriguing turn to the equation.

The album has a very strong AOR vibe that cannot be diminished, listening to the complete 52 minutes in the presented order will give you a sweet taste of the musical journey intended to create, and with it, a whole lot of emotions offering light and shade from some heavy riffing. This raises the question: What are you waiting for to give it a listen?

The band is currently finishing the second studio album, its a concept album with a deep message to our society, stay tuned, news coming soon...

Bastian Per is:

Mariano Barreiro – vocals

Sebastian Prosperi –guitar & vocals

Martin Sokol – bass

Gabriel Kohout – keyboards

Maxi Cataldi – drums