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Bastian Per Live Session: [40º of Summer Disturbance]


Dive into the electrifying energy of our live session as we take you on a sonic journey like never before. Grab a taste of the musical brilliance and raw energy captured during our unforgettable live performance. From intricate instrumentals to soul-stirring vocals, every note is a testament to our passion for progressive rock.


Unlock the Full Experience: Ready for more? Immerse yourself in the complete live session by heading to our website's shop. The full version unveils extended footage with music from both of our studio albums, a musical adventure that transcends the boundaries of the studio.


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Vocals: Mariano Barreiro

Guitar & Vocals: Sebastian Prosperi

Keyboards: Gabriel Kohout

Drums: Maximiliano Cataldi

Bass: Emiliano Colombini


Video: Nitido Productora Audiovisual

Mix: Emiliano Serpino

Master: Sebastian Bastini

Press: Leonel Alejandro Bird

Preamps: Quagliardi Audio

Production: Sebastian Prosperi


Connect with Bastian Per: Follow us on for updates, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and news about upcoming releases. Join the Journey: Bastian Per invites you to be a part of the musical odyssey. Grab your ticket to the full live session now and witness the power of progressive rock!

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After receiving exceptional critical praise by internationally recognized media on their debut, Bastian Per announces the release of their second studio album, which deals with today’s poignant humanitarian issues and self-inflicted harm.


The new concept album confronts the listener with philosophical discussions and existential dilemmas without sacrificing a bit of the band’s musical creativity and poetry along the way. The story revolves around leaders who have lost their focus and questions the impact of human actions, planting the seed to awaken a desperate need for change.

Bastian Per - Way Back Home.jpg

In the year of the pandemic, Bastian Per felt the urgent need to address a number of ethical issues and seek shelter in the art of composition. In an attempt to show the complexity of what’s at stake, this wake-up call needed to strike the perfect balance between a comprehensive range of rich, intricate sounds and its powerful lyrics.

The album features no less than prog legend Derek Sherinian on track ´Greatness Delirium´, performing an outstanding keyboard solo

What is going on in this world

Our leaders are failing to guide the way


We cannot go on

Living this way

Bastian Per 30.JPG

Mission Statement:

At Bastian Per, our mission transcends the boundaries of conventional music. We strive to be the architects of sonic landscapes, weaving stories that resonate with the depths of the human experience. Through our progressive rock compositions, we aim to challenge, inspire, and ignite a passion for musical exploration.

Way Back Home CD.jpg

Vision Statement:

We aspire to be the vanguard of innovation, pushing the boundaries of our genre and setting new standards for musical artistry. Our vision is clear: to be recognized as the number one progressive rock band of Latin America, captivating hearts and minds with our unparalleled musical journey.

As we embark on this epic odyssey, we invite you to join us in shaping the future of progressive rock in the vibrant tapestry of music.

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