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Way Back Home [2021]:

“By delivering one of the best albums of its kind of the past decade, Bastian Per has more than fulfilled their potential (and made me a very happy listener).” 

 - Dprp (Andy Read)


“I found it gripping and compelling. “Way Back Home” is a fine step forward, a blossoming if you will, for this talented quintet.” 

- Progressiverockfanatics (Stephen Conrad)

“Bastian Per should be proud of this release – the production is top notch as is the performance. Hopefully, album number three will see them forge their own identity, this is a fantastic album nevertheless.”

- Fireworks Magazine UK (Issue #96 - Az Chaudhry)

Epic Journey Artwork_edited.jpg


Epic Journey [2019]:

“The musicianship here is of the virtuoso variety - the complex time signatures of instrumental Beginner´s Luck would give Dream Theater a run for their collective money. Bastian Per is most definitely one to watch in future” 
- PROG Magazine UK (Issue #100).

“The melodic twist they have introduced gives the record that touch of uniqueness. The music on this album is as good as there is out there now in this genre.” 
- Powerplay Magazine UK (Issue #225).

“The track Confrontation sounds like a bonus track from `Metropolis - Part 1: The Miracle And The Sleeper`. This is an excellent debut from Bastian Per and I ́m looking forward to album number two already.” 
- Fireworks Magazine UK (Issue #88).

“The album "Epic Journey" certainly has something to satisfy the amateur of progressive music in search of musical variety. This album is filled with interesting and surprising passages, which made me live many beautiful moments.” Ranked 8,7.
- Profilprog Quebec


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